Past Presidents

Front row: Carol Fort, Alice Anderson, Lori O’Keefe (International Rep), Judith Weatherbie, Helen Iverson-Metzger                                                            Back Row: Juno VanOcker, Rita Myers, Linda Tuley, Susan Bower, Ann Shively, Marta Arthurs, E. Faye Gabriel, Mary McNish

Susan Charles, Patricia Brolin-Ribi, Judy Chittick, Diane Powell

List of Past presidents is part of the Convention proceedings.

Eight PPISCs from Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and Sun Valley gathered for a luncheon social in Sun Valley on September 28th. Left:  Mary Anne Pinkerton (99-00), Alice Anderson (97-98), Ann Shively (10-11), Helen Iverson Metzger (17-18) Right:  Susan Bower (86-87), Judith Weatherbie (15-16), Patricia Brolin-Ribi (06-07), Carol Fort (92-93)

 Five of Magic Valley PPISCs, taken January 17th during a birthday luncheon.       From Left to right in the photo are:Ruth Turner (1978-1979),Mary Anne Pinkerton (1999-2000),Judith Weatherbie (2015-2016),Alice Anderson (1997-1998),Carol Fort (1992-1993)