"Treasure the time you are able to share Sunshine, Smiles, & Sisterhood with each other."

- Teresa Baillie, PPISC 2019-2020

membership tools

Happy New Year,Sisters,

Things WILL get better.  We just have to keep the faith and go forward.  Here are some suggestions for connecting with your fellow sisters:

Homemade Hot Chocolate: Make a delicious hot cocoa mix recipe. Change it up by adding cinnamon, nutmeg, or mint. For diehard chocolate lovers, add different types of chocolate. Share your final recipe with your chapter at a video call – invite a guest! Share your “Homemade Hot Chocolate” recipes with your chapter by email and consider delivering some mix and marshmallows to a sister you haven’t seen in a while. Do not forget to drink your mug of hot chocolate at your social!

Keep in touch: In honor of Founders’ Day send seven sisters in your chapter a text or a card on January 21 to let them know you are thinking of them.

Celebrate our 152 years. Contact 1 inactive member, 5 actively participating members and 2 nonparticipating members. Mark your calendar to contact these sisters on a monthly basis. Consider a seasonal question each month that requires a response.

All members need to know that they are important.  Thank you for doing your part.

Idaho State Membership Committee

Michal Casberg, O
Melanie Keyes, CM
Diana Thomas, T
Therese Roemer, adviser
Membership Committee

Michal Casberg, Chairman

Melanie Keyes

Diana Thomas

Therese Roemer, ISC Organizer, Adviser

Idaho State Membership Committee Goals

2020 – 2021

  1. Distribute Hot Spots to all chapters in a timely manner
  2. Distribute abbreviated unaffiliate list to all chapters in a timely manner
  3. Distribute list of unaffiliates who have indicated they are not interested in
    transferring to state membership committee membership
  4. Contact those unaffiliates who have not chosen to transfer to offer support and answer questions they may have
  5. Encourage all chapters to work to reinstate inactive membership
  6. Remind chapter leadership of upcoming P.E.O. events
  7. Share ideas received from chapters with other chapters
Please contact State Unaffiliate Coordinator for most recent information available for your area at:  id.peo.unaffiliate@gmail.com
Monthly Addition to Unaffiliate List (click link below)

VIP MEMBERSHIP TIPS (Very Important P.E.O.s)

  • (Click Here for More suggestions)
  • Join the ‘boys of summer’ at a summer baseball game.  Invite guests and nonparticipating sisters to a pregame picnic.  Wear daisy or star clothing to advertise P.E.O. to other game attendees.
  • Use chalk drawings and dollar-store pinwheels to decorate the front walks of the homes of sisters who have not been able to participate lately.  “A P.E.O. sister lives here!”  or “We love our Chapter ___ sister!” are fun messages to accompany drawings or stars or diasies.
  • When life gives you lemons and you can’t meet in person, make ice cold lemonade!  Gather virtually with a glass of lemonade or your favorite beverage and share a special summer vacation memory.  All are welcome – don’t forget to include your inactive sisters.


The Hot Spot/VIP

Membership Newsletter for Local P.E.O. Chapters

Hot Spot Newsletter, November  ’21

Hot Spot Newsletter, August ’21

VIP Summer 2022 Messaging

V.I.P. Summer 2022

Hot Spot Newsletter, July ’21


This toolbox is organized to correspond with the resources listed in Membership Begins With ME, the official guideline for local chapter membership committees. It also includes booklets and guides for counseling members, and a great deal of other activities and information to help you.

There are business cards on the international website that are customizable. These cards would be fantastic to keep with you to hand out whenever you meet either a potential sister or a project candidate. I hope you will utilize this tool and share it with your chapters!


Non-Member Introduction Form

Ideal Chapter Activity Use this to facilitate discussion within your chapter regarding the ideal chapter that you would like to be, the challenges you face, and then use that discussion to talk about real solutions to those challenges.

Speed Talking Activity As in the workshop, this is a great activity to help chapters practice sharing information about P.E.O. with just about anyone. It was encouraging at the workshop to hear so many great answers to questions like “What does P.E.O. stand for, anyway?” and “Can I be a P.E.O.?”  If we practice answering the tough questions together, we are more likely to share our sisterhood with others!

PEOple Membership Skit We adapted this skit during the workshop so that just two people could present it, however, you could have more sisters involved. This skit is a fun way to share ways that we can correspond with potential members, inactive members, non-participating members and unaffiliated members.

3 Year Mentoring Program Outline This is an outline of the responsibilities of each office and chapter member in mentoring a new member. Please share this with all of your sisters to be sure everyone is aware of the part they need to play to keep our new members active and growing in their new PEO sisterhood!

3 year Mentoring Spreadsheet This spreadsheet is an excel form that was created for those of you who like to track things via a spreadsheet. It can be a very helpful way to stay on top of things and be sure we are following through. There is a lot of information on the spreadsheet, so to get it to print on one page I had to make everything rather small, but you can enlarge the columns, rows, and font. Just know that if printed, it will then print on more than one page. Feel free to adjust as necessary to make it a tool that works for you.

PEO Biographical Sketch Faye Gabriel of Chapter CN shared with the group this form that their chapter uses to help get to know one another. This is very important, especially with new members, and can really help in the mentoring process. Please make changes to fit the needs of your chapter.

Membership Begins with ME This is a guide for the local chapter membership committee.

Note:  Share your chapter’s VIP moments on social media #peovipmoments.

*Also available in the red toolbox on the P.E.O. International website: Chapter Health panel, Sustaining Membership section.

**Also available in the red toolbox on the P.E.O. International website: Chapter Health panel, Nonparticipating Members section

FROM: Membership Team of International Chapter
International Chapter is asking for you and your chapter to participate in the “Every Sister is a VIP” (Very Important P.E.O.) campaign, a focused effort to show loving concern while reducing the number of sisters who either choose or unintentionally go inactive each year.
Links to resources can be found on this page. We hope these tools will increase awareness among your members regarding the dues process, provide tools to stay connected with nonresident sisters and those sisters who are currently unable to participate in chapter life, and reduce the number of members who become inactive.
These resources include:
  • What to Say to a Sister Considering Inactive Status” handout*. This one-page tip sheet gives specific language to use whenever a sister finds herself in conversation with another who may be considering inactive status and is an excellent resource for every member of the chapter.
  • How to Care for Nonparticipating Member Worksheet**. Working together with the membership committee chairman, your treasurer or membership committee can use this tool to identify vulnerable members of the chapter and develop a plan for keeping them engaged.
  • Dues payment language which allows for local chapters to advance dues for members who are experiencing financial difficulties or other extenuating circumstances. 
  • Notice of Dues. This template is a convenient resource for mailing to nonresident, nonparticipating or snowbird sisters.
Thank you in advance for your enthusiastic participation in this effort to affirm that Every Sister is a VIP! Through each of our efforts, we can ensure that

P.E.O. membership is for a lifetime for each of our Very Important P.E.O.’s.